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If you are looking for a church, or you are watching us LIVE on Facebook, Let's Connect!


Worship - We engage in worship both in church and privately in our homes as a lifestyle, not an event. 

Serve - We serve both in our local church and within our communities as ambassadors of Jesus Christ, endeavoring to represent Him well. 

Grow - We grow in our faith and righteousness daily through our service and our worship.

Lead - We lead by example to those we serve, teaching them to live a life of service and “Leaving a legacy of Hope” to this and each succeeding generation.

If our church is too far for you to attend in person, that does not mean you cannot still be a part of our family. You may join us on Facebook and you can message us for prayer needs.



Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 6

Caledonia, MO 63631

Tel: 573-779-3561



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