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Leaving a legacy of Hope


Our vision is to reach out to those who feel there is no HOPE. We all go through difficult times in our lives and we need someone there to show us there is hope. In the midst of our circumstances it can be difficult to find on our own. We realize church should be more than something we attend, it is something we are and live out.


We are not the average church. We don't just come in and sing, preach, pray, and dismiss. We are a family committed to caring for one another through the week. We pray for and encourage each other all week long. Many stay all afternoon and bring lunch between services on Sundays and fellowship. We are one big family.


We believe in community and taking care of each other. When someone is in need within the church we strive to bring them both love and support the best we can. We believe if one person is hurting, then we all should help bear their load. We are a loving community of Christians who strive to be the hands and feet of Christ.



Pastors Rev. Dale & Lori Stringer were received by the congregation on the 26th of January, 2014


Prior to coming to Caledonia, Dale & Lori served the Children's Ministry of Harvest Christian Centre in Park Hills for over 11 years. Both Dale & Lori was working full time for a local hospice company where Dale was a Chaplain and Lori was a nurse. ​They both stepped out of those positions at the end of 2019 to put more attention on the growing church.

Dale has been preaching since he was very young and is a second generation minister. He has been involved in ministry all of his life. He has served as youth pastor, kids pastor, college career ministry, and even pre-school. Dale is part of the John Maxwell Leadership Team and is a certified leadership trainer, teacher, and coach. Dale's passion still remains Kids Ministry and Christian Education. He enjoys watching people mature in their faith and better their ministry and their lives.


Lori serves in the Women's Ministry, and the College & Career Ministry as the Christian Education Teacher, and has actively served in the ministry with Dale ever since they were married. She now works for the Iron County Hospital.

Dale & Lori have two daughters; Anna & Angela. Anna also has a call on her life to preach, and is Youth Drama Leader and is also the Kids Pastor here at Hope Church. She is also the elementary teacher for Hope Christian Academy.  She is married to Ryan Bowyer who is deputy sheriff.


Angela is about 11 years younger than Anna and she attends School in Caledonia at Hope Christian Academy. She also serves on the Kids Drama Team and Kids Choir.

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