Our mission is to lead a legacy driven church of Spirit Filled and Spirit Led believers to strengthen the faith of the weak, to offer hope to the broken, and to extend the love of Jesus Christ beyond our walls to reach the surrounding communities and the world.


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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 6 Caledonia, MO 63631



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For Questions regarding enrollment use this contact form




     Hope Christian Academy is open 4 days a week. Monday - Thursday 7:30am - 3:30pm

Friday is free study days at home. 


We begin each day with a Christ centered approach. We then head to the sanctuary for morning chapel where we say the pledge of allegiance the Bible, the flag of the United States of America, and the Christian Flag. We then open the school day in prayer.


We have our study time together in a relaxed self paced environment facilitated by our instructors who keep their grades and record them to provide report cards and transcripts for each student.


Students between the grades K-4 to 12th Grade are eligible for enrollment at Hope Christian Academy. You may enroll your students in the middle of the school year.


Enrollment at Hope Christian Academy is affordable for all ages. For an entire school year our rates are $2600 + the enrollment fees. This is the same cost for all grade levels.  Since students study at their own pace, whenever they start they will start at the beginning of the level required per their school transcripts or where left off with your homeschool study.

Enrollment fees    

For grades K-4 - 6th there is a $100 Non-refundable Enrollment fee per child. 

For grades 7th - 12th there is a $400 Non-refundable Enrollment fee per child. 

The extra cost for 7th-12th grade is because it costs us that much to enroll them into the accreditation program with Abeka Christian Academy.


Flexible payment options

After your enrollment fee is paid we can make payments arrangements.  You can pay it off early but the total must be paid prior to the next school year.


We do offer an “Annual Pay Discount” to those who choose to pay for the entire school year before Sept. 1st. 

For larger families, ask about our family discount plans.


Hope Christian Academy partners with Abeka, a premiere and accredited Christian-based curriculum since 1972. Abeka offers a challenging, Biblical, and comprehensive learning experience that uses engaging, video-driven instruction that works at the learning pace of your child while our classroom instructors facilitate a healthy and safe environment and giving support to succeed. To find out more, visit www.abeka.com.