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The congregation of Hope Church is of the belief that it was no accident we were place next-door to Valley School. In 2019 we started a food program where we were able to provide a nutritious meal every evening to the students after to school. We partnered with Valley R-6 to provide this program called Viking Meals. 


We believe that God placed us here not by chance but intentionally. Our vision is the same as our founding pastor's vision and that is to build a ministry that will minister to the needs of the people from the cradle to the grave.


We are not an inwardly focused church, but rather an externally focused church. Outreach and evangelism is at the core of our vision. Those who choose this church to be their home will become part of a family that will encourage and provoke one another to good works. We will rejoice with those who are happy, mourn with those who are sad, and embrace others through their struggles.


We believe that children & youth are the future of our church and without them we will have nothing to leave behind to our community. We will model a Christian lifestyle as adults and train the younger generation to become mighty men & women of God.


We look for ways to invest into our community and show the love of God to all that we meet. We will use all available means of technology to present the gospel to this lost and dying world. While looking back to the past, not forgetting where we came from, we will reach toward the future. We believe that the churches best days are ahead of us and not behind. We seek for a personal internal revival that will ignite the hearts of everyone this church body meets.


We still hold baptism services the old fashioned way. We go to a creek and baptize. We believe Christ has still called us to follow this Holy Ordinance of baptism. While there is nothing wrong with a church baptistery, there is nothing like going to a moving body of water to hold these services.


We know that any church that is going to be an asset to the community is dependent upon a strong children's ministry. From Camp to VBS and our annual Easter egg hunt with over 12,000 Easter Eggs, we plan events that minister to the entire family. We also make kids ministry a top priority every Sunday at both of our campuses teaching kids to fall in love with the Bible and its author! Your kids our our top priority!



Just as we value kids ministry, we value Youth Ministry also. Our Youth are involved in service to our community and they are dedicated to getting into their Bible and getting to know God personally. Nearly every teen in our youth group is involved in active ministry because they are taught that they are valuable to be used now. Come find out how Hope Church Youth Ministry can make a difference in the lives of your students.





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